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Lure Marketing Group was founded on idea that “necessity is the mother of invention”. Of course, Plato wasn’t talking about the internet or e-commerce or how we market our businesses, but the context is relevant. A need or a problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem.

We are here to educate, explain, and deliver results for our clients by solving their needs or problems with creative and professional ideas. Every business owner is pursued by sales people from all walks of life on a daily basis, what differentiates us, is that we care about your business, we want to earn the title of trusted adviser, and we will constantly and consistently deliver transparent and actionable data on our performance.

who we are

Roshan Singh – Founder and Local Internet Marketing Consultant

While living in Chicago, Roshan met his wife who was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and upon their engagement they relocated to West Michigan. Since moving to Grand Rapids, Roshan has built a network of clients in the healthcare, restaurant, law, and automotive industries through the different positions that he has held within the sales and marketing verticals. Roshan has helped his clients to build their businesses and to realize the potential that they possess while becoming an integral part of their business growth.  
In 2018, Roshan and his wife Sara welcomed their first child, Milo. In their spare time, Roshan, Sara, and Milo enjoy traveling, sports, the beach, and eating food from all over the world. They often travel to Minneapolis to visit Roshan’s family and to help take care of his mother who has been in a nursing home since 2015.   

Roshan loves to help his clients achieve success and build their businesses through the help of his expertise in digital marketing, web development, and his years of sales experience. Knowing that all small business owners are technically in “sales” and that their livelihood is as stake every day, Roshan takes extreme pride in working with his clients to ensure that they are maximizing their investment and continuously adjusting to the current economic climate.

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