Our blog writing goes above and beyond anyone in our entire industry. We have freelance journalists, restaurant owners, dentists, optometrists, general practice doctors, lawyers, and business owners at our disposal at all times. Why does Wikipedia show up every time you are at the bar with your friends and debating a topic of interest? Because of content. Content is king. Creation of new and relevant content will ensure that Google recognizes your website, continues to come back to it, and that you are promoted as an authority within your area of practice.


Blogging is key for all businesses that are outside of the food/restaurant industry, but you shouldn’t be spending your time on this!

industry specific

We write content for nearly any vertical around. This is a huge differentiation as most firms will not do this for you.


Your content needs to be optimized so that Google will recognize it and easily readable. We also will work through your Q&A opportunities.

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